Next Generation of Police Camera Systems


Digital Ally™  patented design utilizes the latest technology in order to integrate the entire system into a rear view mirror. Why? Well, simply put to reduce the amount of space needed in the rear of police car. By being able to integrate the entire Video Recording System into the mirror we can free up more space in the trunk and help to eliminate the need of extra wires, trays and installation costs!

DVM-800 | DVM-800 Lite | DVM-800 HD | MicroVu HD



Reduce the Number of Complaints and Increase Conviction Rates


Studies have consistently shown that by deploying in car dash and prisoner cell cameras, agencies see a reduction in the number of complaints and use of force incidents. With permanent metadata embedded in every video, agencies can be confident that their evidence will be the highest quality and maintain strict chain of custody and audit requirements for prosecution.

"From my perspective, Digital Ally truly [understands] customer service. With any new technology there is a learning curve and Digital Ally personnel have been very supportive and immediately address any question or concern that my staff has had. I am very pleased with Digital Ally and would recommend them to anyone considering the purchase of mobile recording units for their patrol cars."


-James Adams, Chief of Police | Upper Allen Township Police Department



Latest In-Car Video System


Smaller, more powerful and easier to use. A continuation of the highly successful digital video mirror platform that is better by any measure.



High Quality Video


Our cameras have high quality video ranging from Enhanced D1 Resolution to full 1080p HD Resolution. With the combination of our mirror units built-in cameras and multiple options for external cameras, you can customize your video feeds, with up to two channels recording simultaneously.

Crystal Clear Audio


High Quality Audio


Our wireless microphone records enhanced audio for up to 1000 feet from the vehicle. When activated, the microphone can remotely start a recording. Our units also have built-in audio sources for in-car recordings. Not everything happens inside the vehicle so with our wireless microphone the officer has full control.



Easy to Install - Simple to Use - Highly Configurable


Our police camera systems can be configured to power up with vehicle, login instantly, automatically activate with variety of triggers and wirelessly upload video evidence.




Pre-Event Recording


With Pre-Event enabled the system is always recording up to the last 30 seconds to capture the events leading up to the activation of a recording.


Evidence Capture Assurance™*


ECA™ tells the system to record on a continuous loop. Individual events are recorded but ECA™ enables an Agency to go back and look at video from an entire shift.


*Only available for our DVM-800 model

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